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Why do people in love cheat? (Part 2)

Some people cheat even if they have a dynamic and sexually responsive partner at home, even if they have everything they've ever dreamed of at home. This is also true. However, the ultimate truth is cheating is NEVER because of the person being cheated on. Choosing to be selfish is a personal unilateral decision but the consequences or karmic debt of said decision always affects all parties involved negatively.

People cheat solely because of inner turmoil. An inner need to fulfill a desire for happiness. Mostly it shows up as ego satisfaction driven by dopamine highs. All happiness that is born out of a place of inner discontentment is fleeting and we will seek more and more flames to feul the ego and still find no solace.

Do you see the pattern? Dopamine highs drive the lower chakras, the pleasure centers and the ego. All choices including cheating etc. are birthed here when we are not conscious of our inner knowledge of self.

Anyone in any pairing that seeks outside of themselves in order to feel whole or happy, fulfilled or content is either attracting a subcontiously programmed life (whatever we've been conditioned to believe happiness is or how it is obtained) or we will experience a love life filled with turmoil and disappointment. Either way, it's an unconscious way of living.

So you're saying that we shouldn't pair with other people? People are social creatures by nature and we are suppose to find someone to procreate with and build a family life...

Every situation we find ourselves in is a lesson learned. We will evolve eventually regardless of whether we choose to or not. At one point or another, we awaken to a higher understanding and a higher truth. Usually that occurs when we are done being life's unconscious victim.

Our soul knows what it needs in order to evolve and it has very little to do with our physical choices. Life will teach the lessons born from all physical choices and we will learn them in one way or the other. How quickly we learn is the catch but this too is our choice.

There is no right and wrong way to grow but there is a true and a false way of living. The longer you choose the unconscious way of living, the harder the lessons become, the harder we have to dig into ourselves in order to free ourselves from the relentless grip of our unconscious created reality.

If a pairing and family dynamic is what you are choosing out of free will then by all means wholeheartedly choose it, enjoy it, experience it in all of its glory. You have to always be true to your soul but not by becoming a martyr.

In order to access the soul the ego has to be quelled. Our dopamine addiction has to be conquered and then, we are able to choose the best conscious life for us.

Before we choose something as serious as a life partner or procreation, when choosing we must always make our choices from a place of love and not fear.

Fear is on the negative hate spectrum so no decisions or desires should stem from it. Even still, the lessons that do come will be used for our soul development. So again no right or wrong simply true or false... consciousness and unconscious creation.

The journey is always back to truth and love. Truth and love are the essences of the divine creator soul.

We should try however, to minimize the damage that stems from our choices so that we do not cause ourselves and others any unnecessary trauma or create unconscious karmic debt.

We do this by being conscious in the present moment, "I am happy where I am now" and a healthy state of being will flow from this state of being and your soul and your life will grow whilst in a state of gratitude and love. This is one of the keys to creating a peaceful and beautiful life.

Most of us say, when I aquire this or reach that goal or satisfy a particular urge...then I will be happy. Happiness and contentment is a choice in the present moment and is not a goal to be sought outside of the self.

The complications arise when we pair with a partner who hasn't done the inner work of knowledge of self and the conquering of their ego or is not willing to do the work and finds contentment in repetitive cycles. This results in the boredom mentioned in (Part 1), the cheating, or other various forms of unrest in the pairing.

They were not in love with you when they chose to cheat despite what they may say. When a person does not love themselves they certainly do not know how to love another. Sometimes people do grow apart but that is where communication is key. Either way, no matter the excuse, cheating is first and foremost self betrayal because the soul is being deprived of true love and happiness.

We have to be in love with ourselves first ideally before we pair. If we grow to love ourselves within a pairing because the partner is a conscious loving being and you made the choice to also become conscious, the inner work of feeling fulfilled and happy etc. is still a solo job.

We must each be our own flames, this way, the relationship doesn't burn out and we do not seek to drain eachother or others of their life force in order to keep our inner flame alight.

With love,

Michaela Antoinette

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