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The Bleeding Heart

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Tea of the day: Ginger Peach

(Part 1)

“I come to you with a bleeding heart, honest and sincere motives, desiring to give you some plain thoughts,” said one politician in an 1862 speech. The phrase comes from the religious image of Christ's wounded heart, which symbolizes his compassion and love."

Earth is a school for many of the most important lessons is emotional mastery. This is something I am still learning to perfect. One of my toughest challenges outside of healing myself of physical and genetic disabilities. (See my bio under Michaela's Journey)

Once you have knowledge of who you really are outside of programming, physical attributes, social accolades and systematic education...there are aspects of you that still require mastery. Which of those aspects is unique to your souls journey. But it's all a journey back to conscious love.

For those of us who are the carers, the lovers, the empaths...emotions are our strength...and our weakness. We are on a journey that helps us to develop our emotional gifts so that they become our superpowers.

Before we can access these extrasensory gifts, we must be able to trust ourselves and our feelings wholeheartedly and without fear or bias. This starts by us trusting our thoughts, our gut intuition and our heart. The holy trinity within.

When we are weak, we allow emotions to drive our actions, the bleeding heart seeking the unsuitable and undesirable to mend our broken pieces. This leads us to break our own hearts over and over again.

When we are in denial, we suppress emotions which makes us numb. A betrayal of who we are and a shell of the magnificent being we are here on earth to become. A loner...locked inside of ourselves yearning to be let free.

When we are strong the world projects its doubts on you but because you are strong, these projections no longer move your spirit because you are being true to your soul, your journey and your purpose. No matter the trigger family or foe you can not be disturbed to the point of an emotional outburst.

We must master the art of feeling everything and allowing emotions to move through us instead of becoming stagnant within us or consuming us. Our emotional body is the start of all chronic physical ailments. Once we heal our emotional body our physical body will heal.

Compassion and love are our gifts. They are attributes of Christ/Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed etc.. These gifts allow us to become shining lights in a darkened existence. By keeping knowledge and wisdom from those who are conditioned to live within the illusion, the truth is viewed as illusive and remains undiscovered...

(Part 2)

Christ consciousness is immortal.

There are various techniques that can assist you to activate the Christ within your soul. This part of your soul is immortal because it is the part of you that is a part of the creator of all there is.

You were not born into sin as it has been incorrectly and purposefully misinterpreted. Yeshua Ben Yoseph (Jesus) spoke Aramaic. The original meaning of Sin in Aramaic simply means separation. The teachings about guilt and fear associated with this word are all false and man made.

Our spirit was and is separated from the Eternal All via our DNA so that we can learn through our many lifetimes how to reconnect with the Eternal All. The "junk DNA of science" is the DNA within our bodies that we must reconnect in order for it to make "sense".

When you have a genetic laboratory test, the genetic codes are seen as "sense" = working properly and "nonsense" = not working properly. That's how a disorder is detected. Our cosmic DNA is not in working order. When our DNA is not connected properly we are living in "sin".

I said a lot here. Please sit with it. Your programming may wish to reject this information initially. This is part of the blockages we must remove in order to fully understand truth. Some of you already know and can decipher truth. Trust yourself.

(Part 3)

I teach techniques to assist you on your inner journey. You are not alone and never will be.

Emotions are our gifts once mastered.

Compassion and love are our strengths and a major key in our connection with the creator of all through our Christ consciousness.

Due to a deliberate play on words in order to cause confusion, "within" was changed to "midst" in some versions of the Bible. Although it plainly means "the middle of", humans have wrongly interpreted this to mean amongst simply because they couldn't fathom the thought that all of humanity could be Christ-like. The truth is the potential to connect with Christ consciousness is within ALL of humanity.

Please click on the footnotes for the truth. Truth has become a footnote but alas "within" is there. In the KJV and other versions of the Bible it was written as within. See the link below.

" In Luke 17:20–21 (NKJV)...In the (KJV)...for the kingdom of God is within you.”

The Kingdom of God is within your heart center or heart chakra if you are familiar with Eastern teachings. These centers have to be activated. Now the word midst makes sense doesn't it.

Double and triple entendres pervade all religious books in order to reduce offense and quell the masses. However, there is a strand of Universal truth and love that flows through all religious doctrines seamlessly. You just have to seek the truth with an open mind and heart in order for it to reveal itself to you.

Christ consciousness was expressed in the lives of many great men and forgotten women throughout Earth's history across the world. I use the term "divine feminine" because the woman aspect of Christ consciousness hasn't been properly honored. Gender has no place in the spiritual realms. It just makes communication...and misogyny much easier. 😂

Knowledge is freedom. Tap in.

With Love,

Michaela Antoinette

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