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Drink of the day: Spiced Sea moss & almond milk blended

Let's get right into it...

I know that there are a lot of healers and spiritual teachers emerging. It can be confusing and overwhelming. Pick the one that you feel a connection with so you can heal authenticity. There's nothing wrong with asking for or seeking assistance. We are here to help eachother on this journey.

Earth is going through an energy evolution and everything that inhabits earth evolves with her. Mother earth is a living entity and should be revered as such. She grounds our unstable energies and continuously provides us with innumerable resources in order to live and thrive. She vibrates unconditional love that sounds like the most beautiful angelic symphonies. She is in constant motion along with the entire galaxy, this universe and the infinite. She is the healer that heals the healers. Yet we as humans, with our destructive natures...have made this divine being a martyr.

This frequency is a continuous loop of birth, death and rebirth...a soul school, a love journey, and sometimes, a battlefield. When we learn how to put our fragmented energy back together, she heals along with us.

This life cycle for those of us experiencing it, hasn't been easy...but it's far from over. Just look at us...pushing through and overcoming our challenges and strengthening our weaknesses and learning to forgive and let go of the things and the people that do not serve our highest purpose.

If you are struggling with letting go, forgiving, moving forward or feeling depressed or angry about life feel free to book a session or a subscription plan with me. Apply for a free session if you are experiencing temporary financial difficulties.

I am here to assist you with self-healing but you are ultimately responsible for your own healing. Empowerment is my method not enabling or creating a codependent dynamic. You are powerful and capable. You are worthy and deserving of healing.

With you taking this step, you can help your family lineage to heal. You are reading this for a reason. You have started your healing journey and you are ready to take the next step. You are no longer afraid of the truth or being true to your soul mission. You feel the call for change don't you. Listen to your heart. Feel the truth deep within your soul. It's time...

With Love,

Michaela Antoinette

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